It has been a little too warm for me lately. I am not very good with heat.

These guys, however, were delighted.

Meet Mr and Mrs Lizard, enjoying a spot of sunbathing at Cors Caron Nature Reserve a week or 2 back.

Mr Common Lizard
Mrs Common Lizard

Beautiful Bindweed

Regarded by many as a particularly pesky garden weed, Bindweed has a poor reputation. However, just look how beautiful it can be, in the sunshine after the rain!

Sunshine Dragon

I absolutely love this shot I got today! The sun was coming and going as clouds kept blocking it out and I was wandering around the village pond looking out for wildlife. I came upon this dragonfly in the tall grass and as I was kneeling to get a low-down shot, the sun came out and turned it into a magical scene full of bokeh and sparkle 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

At first glance, you might think ‘sunny’ would be a better word for this photo than ‘shadowed’. But if you look more closely, the shadows are there and they’re more important than you might think. Without the shadows of each twining stem over the other, you wouldn’t see the contrast of dark and light. The Honeysuckle stems glow in the sunshine, criss-crossing each other and dropping shadows over and over. This was taken on a sunny afternoon in November, and it was just the right time of day with the last dregs of sunshine hitting low and golden, bringing out the detail in this twisted Honeysuckle rope. Sadly this lovely feature is no more … the hedge was hacked to pieces trimmed … and now is just a spiky shadow of its former self.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

Raindrops on Ivy

Yesterday morning it rained and rained and rained. I thought it would carry on all day. But then the sun came out, so I wrapped up warm and went out in the garden to see what I could see. Mostly what I saw was a very wet garden! The Ivy was no different, but as the sun caught it, it began to sparkle, so of course, I tried to capture that…

I love the sparkle of sunlight on the side of the big droplet here. I had to position myself very carefully to catch that.IMG_9462-Edit

This one is more subtle, but still has lots of lovely bokeh from all the sparkly raindrops.


I may slow down a bit on posts over the next few days as I’ll be back at work, so don’t be surprised if I’m a bit quiet. Hope you are all having a happy new year so far x

Sunlit Hovers

A Hoverfly enjoying some evening sunshine

Another angle

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Time flows like syrup in the heat of the day. Resting my back on the rough wood of the garden chair, I watch a blackbird pecking at the ground. In the trees, the sparrows are squabbling over peanuts and seeds as a great tit calmly pecks and pecks. The sun is too hot but I  haven’t the energy to raise myself. My limbs are heavy and I don’t want to break this spell. If I move, time will rush back to it usual heady pace. Here in this moment, I can breathe.

summer garden

shade creeps towards me
from the big beech tree
blackbird sings
and sparrows chirp
on gently swinging feeders
in its arching branches
time has slowed in this heat
moving like syrup
as the sun slides slowly
down the slope
of the blue
I could sit here all day
like the cat beside me
lazing in this sticky garden
while bees hum about their business
and the breeze ruffles the trees
but this sun
will burn my pale skin
and fill my head with fluff
so slowly I will slither away
to safety in the shadow

Small Copper

Yesterday the afternoon/evening was bright and sunny and the butterflies were out in force in the garden. There were Peacocks, Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals, Large Whites and Green-Veined Whites all over the Buddleia. But another small butterfly caught my eye on the Ragwort – a Small Copper Butterfly which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. It was very pretty and looked lovely in the sunshine.






in my living room
as sun shines
wind-blown leaves
and walls
around me

spring is here

spring has slowly sprung
with lush green leaves
and fresh clean blooms
ferns unwind themselves
testing air before unfurling
bumblebees hum the soundtrack
of the change in the air
warm sun glows through petals
lace and frills against the blue
with sunshine on our backs
and in our smiles
we welcome new light