Soothing Light

I was looking for photos on the Weekly Photo Challenge theme of ‘relax’. Initially I tried to capture my cat relaxing with my daughter, but being a black cat, he’s not terribly photogenic I find, and this was the best I could do: So I started thinking about a different approach. Rather than something or…… Continue reading Soothing Light

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This week’s photo challenge set me thinking I’m sure I have some nice silhouettes somewhere! I had a good poke around my archives and found these sunsets from back in April. Trees and roofs silhouetted against the sky: And normally electricity wires in a photo may not be liked, but I quite like the contrast…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


The weather has begun to improve thankfully, but it was a bit late in the day to go looking for spring flowers to photograph. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Meanwhile, this evening I noticed that the sky was looking pretty and decided to grab my camera, tripod and laptop and have a go…… Continue reading Sunset

bright skies

enveloped under bright light skies all chalk-smudged glowing pinks and blues my heart is raised to limitless heights to soar into the vast expanse to drift on softest golden currents and ride the rose blush waves to night