Rain and Shine

During my last couple of walks round the village, the sun was shining after rain so there were a few things catching my eye with the shine of sun on water droplets.




And the few remaining insects were catching the light in their eyes and their wings.




Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine


A pop of colour

The Welsh Poppies are blooming in all the random little corners where they like to hang out. There’s one under the hedge which is a little inconvenient as it’s so shady. This one was out in the sunshine though, letting its colour really pop!IMG_3442-EditIMG_3446-Edit

Dandelion Life

I love Dandelions, especially at this time of year! When there are not a lot of flowers about the Dandelions pop up all over the place providing a great source of food for insects. They brighten up the place too. Not to mention the enduring attraction of photographing Dandelion clocks.

Yesterday I kept nipping out into the garden to see what I could see and the Dandelions were the centre of the action.I love this photo of a Honeybee on a Dandelion 🙂


Here’s another Honeybee – this one has already been very busy and has full pollen sacks:


Also enjoying the Dandelions were various hoverflies:


Moss aglow

Even though there is a lot of grey around at this time of year there are still the occasional splashes of vibrant colour even before the spring arrives. A few weeks back I spotted this moss glowing in the (rare) sunshine. I love the bokeh 🙂

Moss Bokeh

Moss Bokeh

Moss Bokeh

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant.

Light and Gentle

The Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Weight(less)’ this week. Some things in nature are so delicate and small they seem weightless. Of course they must have some kind of mass but when you see an insect climbing over delicate grasses without much bending, it can’t weigh much.


This Harebell is a delicate flower, light enough to be blown about in the breeze and cause difficulty for photographers!


You might remember these droplets hanging delicately on grasses. Defying gravity almost as they hang impossibly roundly on the grass seeds.


This photo is one of my favourites and it has a feeling of lightness and freedom that makes me happy 🙂


This baby frog can’t have much weight to it, the tiny lily pad barely sinks at all under its weight. But then it’s not much bigger than the water droplets so that might be why!


This butterfly caught my eye, resting on these spring flowers. So light and fluttery in the sunshine. Bring on those days again soon!


And finally another droplet shot on a very damp morning when I was lucky enough to spot a dandelion seed head covered in gravity-defying droplets.


Hope your new year is going well so far. I’m exhausted after being back at work for a week, not sleeping well and my back is complaining vigorously about increased activity. But I am counting my blessings and being thankful for another year with all its opportunities and promise.

Woodland Secrets

The weather turned brighter today and I had another lovely walk, apart a gentle sprinkling that had me putting my camera under my coat briefly. However since there are not a huge amount of insects or flowers at this time of year, I turned to the woodland to find the small things that lurk in the mossy corners. It was a bit tricky as it was not so bright under the trees, but every so often shafts of sunlight lit up some interesting little mushrooms.




A Trio of Droplet Trios

Today the weather is crisp, cold and bright, after a lot of wetness overnight, so I had a little potter in the garden looking at the droplets shining in the sun. With the weekly photo challenge in the back of my mind, I was looking out for threes …




In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles

No, I’m not accidentally repeating myself – this damselfly is called a ‘Beautiful Demoiselle’ and they truly are beautiful … so we have some beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles 😀

I just love these shots of this female Demoiselle – she was just resting there on the grass near the edge of the stream, and the sun was just in the right place to get this wonderful bokeh. One of these is now my desktop background 🙂

IMG_7763-Edit IMG_7765-Edit IMG_7770-Edit IMG_7771-Edit

The males are even more beautiful, but much harder to photograph! They flit around all over the place and are often defending their patch against other males. However I did get a couple of half decent shots:

IMG_7792-Edit IMG_7761-Edit

And I was extremely lucky to spot one pair mating and get some shots 🙂

IMG_7804-Edit IMG_7807-Edit

I know not all of these are on the grass but the first couple could easily be trodden on, so at least part of these post was inspired by The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Lavender Garden

It’s been a hectic few days, but I found a few moments yesterday to potter in my Mum’s garden and spent some time in the sun by her lavender patch. Such a enticing sight (and scent) for all the butterflies and bees, as well as for me. Hope you enjoy these photos, and feel a little of the pleasantness of sunshine, warmth and happy insects buzzing (or flapping) by.








Sunshine Dragon

I absolutely love this shot I got today! The sun was coming and going as clouds kept blocking it out and I was wandering around the village pond looking out for wildlife. I came upon this dragonfly in the tall grass and as I was kneeling to get a low-down shot, the sun came out and turned it into a magical scene full of bokeh and sparkle 🙂


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Chasing Butterflies

I spotted this Green-Veined White Butterfly on Saturday while out walking, but every time I tried to get near it, it flew off to another Stitchwort flower. In my happy mood, I just laughed out loud and kept on trying! I didn’t think I had any decent shots, just a bit of fun chasing butterflies, but actually these three aren’t bad 🙂




Dandelion Droplets

The weather today is beautiful and it was a pleasure to go out on a morning walk earlier. I took many photos, as you’d expect, but these are my favourites. It was a misty morning at first so when the sun came out there was a heavy dew, leaving everything covered in shiny droplets. Even the dandelion seed heads with their soft delicate seed fluff had droplets on every piece of fluff. Like droplets of starlight.