Lavender Garden

It’s been a hectic few days, but I found a few moments yesterday to potter in my Mum’s garden and spent some time in the sun by her lavender patch. Such a enticing sight (and scent) for all the butterflies and bees, as well as for me. Hope you enjoy these photos, and feel aContinue reading “Lavender Garden”

Sunshine Dragon

I absolutely love this shot I got today! The sun was coming and going as clouds kept blocking it out and I was wandering around the village pond looking out for wildlife. I came upon this dragonfly in the tall grass and as I was kneeling to get a low-down shot, the sun came outContinue reading “Sunshine Dragon”

Chasing Butterflies

I spotted this Green-Veined White Butterfly on Saturday while out walking, but every time I tried to get near it, it flew off to another Stitchwort flower. In my happy mood, I just laughed out loud and kept on trying! I didn’t think I had any decent shots, just a bit of fun chasing butterflies, but actually theseContinue reading “Chasing Butterflies”

Dandelion Droplets

The weather today is beautiful and it was a pleasure to go out on a morning walk earlier. I took many photos, as you’d expect, but these are my favourites. It was a misty morning at first so when the sun came out there was a heavy dew, leaving everything covered in shiny droplets. EvenContinue reading “Dandelion Droplets”

Welcome Back Bumbles

Yesterday a little after my quick early morning visit to a patch of daisies, I ventured out again around the village. It was warm but with a cold wind which was making my shots a bit tricky as flowers and leaves swayed at unhelpful moments. However I did get a fair few nice shots ofContinue reading “Welcome Back Bumbles”


In these days of dark mornings, dark evenings, and work, work, work in between … I remember sunshine and quiet wandering in the village and garden. Where one may come upon a soft pink flower, name unknown petals gently curving, bringing thoughts of tiny fairy clothes Or perhaps flamboyant honeysuckle blooms spreading in all directions, beckoning inContinue reading “Remember”

Autumn Leaves

I was too late to catch much of the sunlight still hanging around in the garden this evening but I stepped outside to see what remained. After a damp few days it was nice to see some sunshine. This patch of very autumnal leaves caught my eye. The Beech hasn’t completely turned, as you canContinue reading “Autumn Leaves”