Surprises in the Garden

I get a lot of surprises when taking photos of small things. I often find myself looking at a pretty flower and discover that there is a tiny creature on board. Sometimes I don’t notice the little creatures until later on when I’m looking at the photos I took! I had a look out in…… Continue reading Surprises in the Garden

Surprise Passenger

I was taking photos of Bluebells last weekend. There weren’t many yet, but they were starting to flower in the woods and elsewhere. I suspect there are more now, but it’s rainy today. Hopefully I’ll get out again sometime soon. One of them had a surprise passenger that I didn’t spot at first. Then I…… Continue reading Surprise Passenger


   s        n               f            o              l                w             a                                    k                                       e                                           s    fall u n e x p e c t e d l y  big    wet      fat       flakes   s m o t h e r i n g   spring       crocuses    and      turning   the        world     back      to    w i n t e r       w…… Continue reading snow