not good enough not fun enough not good enough not brave enough not good enough not sexy enough not good enough too shy too blue too much too many it rants and rants around my brain you ask am I ok and my answer only tears no words illogical irrational and oh so tired so…… Continue reading enough


the snowball that is me unravelling rolls downhill growing in size from one small thing the world starts to spin faster and wilder tumbling and falling ’til I crash in your arms squeaky voice tears soaking your shirt and hold on tight to your love

secret tear (a Cyhydedd Fer)

hidden from sight this time of year often is shed a secret tear behind closed doors it trickles down escaping with a worried frown expectations of this season can bring pressure beyond reason as perfect presents must be bought and rising panic must be fought it cannot be a perfect day so let’s see it…… Continue reading secret tear (a Cyhydedd Fer)