New Light

a light streams out darkness falls back problems fade as focus shifts and nothing matters nothing else but this connection, meaning more than words an explosion in the night a crescendo of light crackling electricity no longer distinct but merged lines softened edges blurred melting in your smile nestled in your soul gathering you to…… Continue reading New Light

don’t bring me roses

just me don’t bring me roses  with their blood red petals   with their gentle fragrance    with their thorny stems     with their soft cool frills I could hold them close   and breath in their scent but I’d rather hold you I could look in wonder   at their perfect beauty but I’d rather look at you I…… Continue reading don’t bring me roses

I would

If I could … I would make you chicken soup I would fetch you Lego I would tuck you up in a blanket I would stroke your fevered brow I would kiss you very gently on any non-aching parts I would envelop you in tender love so much that it would probably become kind of…… Continue reading I would