Best of 2018

Happy New Year, dear readers. I thought I’d have a look back at my most popular posts from 2018. I’ve used the WordPress stats page to see which posts had the most views, and here’s the top 10: It’s been lovely to look through my old posts, especially as I haven’t taken many photos lately.Continue reading “Best of 2018”

To Merge or not to Merge?

Hello dear readers, can I have a little help please? As you may know, I have several blogs: This one (Blue Girl Poems), which is where I post my poems Blue Girl Photography, which is where I post my best photos Suzy’s Country Diary, which is where I blog about nature and how it’s changingContinue reading “To Merge or not to Merge?”

a thousand thank-yous

in a bewilderment of wonder I contemplate how to say a thousand thank-yous to each and every one who follows me here so many times I doubt the words I write have any quality worth reading or truly count as proper poetry and yet you return to read again and feel the very feelings ofContinue reading “a thousand thank-yous”


who was I a year ago? what was I thinking? from this angle looking back I wonder at myself lost and confused misled, exploited foolish and even now at this distance it pains me to remember so forgive me if I cling to you my love I am floored by how far I have comeContinue reading “perspective”