I have most of my thoughts while doing something else. Usually something that I should be concentrating on really. I have on occasion got out of the shower, lost in thought, only to discover I accidentally forgot to wash my hair (one of my main reasons for being in the shower to start with). EarlierContinue reading “Thoughts”

birthday thoughts

unspecial the day arrives and I feel numb it’s just a day no fanfare no miraculous changes no nothing and I don’t feel special at all selfish wishes on my birthday I’m like a child wanting this to be my day wanting to be the centre of attention wanting others to make me feel specialContinue reading “birthday thoughts”

House of Cards

my mind is stacked like a carefully built house of cards distant memories things to remember random facts times tables deep thoughts passing fancies all balanced on top of each other sometimes I fear that just one misplaced thought might collapse the whole thing old memories will fall off the edge as I struggle toContinue reading “House of Cards”