Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Time can seem endless, and yet pass so swiftly at the same time. Some creatures’ lives are so short and yet so much changes during the time they live. This is a caterpillar of the Drinker Moth, spotted in the garden in January: It’s hard to believe that after some time passes it becomes this…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Time


time takes a brisk walk I skip and hop to keep up puffing cloud breaths in cold winter air ~ just yesterday spring arrived minutes passed in summer now festivities rush ~ my desire to pause like a raindrop poised on a leaf edge as time slows to treacle to sit and in sitting be at peace


where do the days go the slippery slidey days trickling away into a river of time lost forever and here I am standing balanced on a rock mid-stream watching as all my tomorrows become yesterdays and I become old


time is rushing and I’m straggling behind running to keep up dropping trails of post-it notes behind me scribbled notes that were important once before their purpose was forgotten the hand-writing indecipherable even to the eye that wrote it please, time have a tea-break and let me catch my breath!

distant words

distant words land softly on my heart from another time before and a yearning becomes a burning need for words to come again but this is just extravagance for I have all in the now