Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Time can seem endless, and yet pass so swiftly at the same time. Some creatures’ lives are so short and yet so much changes during the time they live. This is a caterpillar of the Drinker Moth, spotted in the garden in January: It’s hard to believe that after some time passes it becomes thisContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time”


who was I a year ago? what was I thinking? from this angle looking back I wonder at myself lost and confused misled, exploited foolish and even now at this distance it pains me to remember so forgive me if I cling to you my love I am floored by how far I have comeContinue reading “perspective”

and on the third day …

time is falling from the sky and I’m twisting, arching flinging myself at odd angles trying to avoid the downpour but the years will soak me through one is born one dies one fights the inevitable yet in the end comes acceptance lying down in the feathers of mist drenched in age and as dawnContinue reading “and on the third day …”