Cloud & Wind Time-Lapse

I’m not at work today so I decided to do some more experimenting with time-lapse. This time it was daylight which is helpful, and I had some cloud moving across the sky which makes it a whole lot more interesting. I actually did this through the living room window, which means there are a fewContinue reading “Cloud & Wind Time-Lapse”


I’ve moved offices recently from one campus to another and it’s good to be back here as I used to work on this campus 5 years ago and enjoyed it here. Yesterday, I went for a walk around the grounds which are still lovely although a bit neglected these days. There are some lovely blossomContinue reading “Blossom”

mist fashions

in the hills the trees wear mist shawls draped over their bony shoulders tucked up to their lichen covered ears in the valleys the trees wear mist skirts dragging low on the ground wrapped round stiff legs that ache with cold by the sea the trees wear mist burqas covered up from head to toeContinue reading “mist fashions”