Experimenting with Droplets

I have been trying to capture my orchid in a water droplet today. It’s not the easiest thing, taking quite a bit of trial and error. I had to create a droplet that wasn’t so big that it immediately dripped off, then I had to try and get the droplet in focus, as well as…… Continue reading Experimenting with Droplets

Oops – reflections

The weekly photo challenge is ‘Oops!’ this week. The thing that immediately sprung to mind was the pile of rejected photos from the previous post featuring festive Christmas tree photos. These all include rather unwanted reflections which I didn’t think about until I was looking at them on the computer! Inspired by the Weekly Photo…… Continue reading Oops – reflections

Peachy Rose

On Friday I picked up a small bunch of roses to bring home. The weather has been bad, and was set to continue so I thought it would be nice to have something available indoors to photograph. I’m glad I did as it’s really cold and windy and no fun at all to go out…… Continue reading Peachy Rose