It is Valentine’s Day, but rather than thinking about traditional romance, I’m thinking of something a bit more solid and profound. We can get caught up in the thrill of romance … hearts, flowers, chocolates, verses in cards. They’re lovely, but what’s more important (in my opinion) is that deep, unspoken togetherness. That trust andContinue reading “Togetherness”

still learning

after time spent with the implication of your stupidity it becomes ingrained that despite certification you’re basically dumb always wrong never right about anything at all ever now attempts to help feel like put-downs belittlements and I’m back in that place feeling stupid and small yet your patience with grumpiness your kindly persistence ’til IContinue reading “still learning”

Inner Voice

[Note: I am so unsure about posting this. It may not make sense. It may not quite rhyme. It may sound deranged. But then, maybe others feel the same. So maybe its worth exposing my inner demons so you don’t feel so strange. If you’re reading this I got brave and pressed Publish!] I haveContinue reading “Inner Voice”

Love is …

laid bare and exposed letting your soul be seen offering up your skin and not getting cut allowing scars to be touched understood and caressed weeping tears of wonder not of sadness being terrified but pushing past the fear taking a risk and reaching out a hand feeling special and cherished and worth more than nothing wantingContinue reading “Love is …”