I spend a lot of time anticipating what’s coming next. I do of course enjoy what’s around me right now, but often when walking round the garden or in the countryside I’m looking for signs of what’s coming next. Waiting for buds to bloom or leaves to change. In the winter I’m waiting for signs…… Continue reading Anticipation


I sit I wait I fiddle I fidget I rearrange my legs I lean I slouch I experiment with sliding to the edge of the chair without falling off I stare at the floor boards I stare at the ceiling I jiggle I tap I run my fingers through my hair they get stuck I…… Continue reading waiting


a heavy chain made of fear and worry wraps tight around my chest making breathing shallow and turning lips to blue solid links of cold hard iron dig into my flesh stifling suffocating holding me down and all I can do is wait head bowed tears welling hanging on to your hand until the chain…… Continue reading Chained


time warps and bends    like a runaway train       it careers down the track          whipping words from my lips             and the breath from my lungs there is no time left for planning and shopping and Christmas is piling on top of my head  and yet   like    a sloth      it is    pon-der-ous-ly  i n c h i…… Continue reading time


everything waits there is no breeze amber leaves hang motionless a still silent sky painted solid white nothing breathes only numbness cold cold fingers wide open eyes staring at treetops stark silhouettes everything waits to be awakened by your touch