unravelling the frozen trails unwrapping the misty shreds of cold that weigh down our limbs and our souls gradually waking from the heavy sleep of winter we are breaking out pushing through the darkness into the light knowing that days will be brighter, warmer, fuller and all will be well this too shall pass

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I took this photo yesterday, on Christmas day, a day which was cold and fresh making my fingers numb with the chill. Yet the moss is glowing with warmth despite the wintry weather. I love to find small things like this, surprising you amid the grey cold landscape. In response to The Daily Post’s writing…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth


the darkness not quite gone lingering malingering in corners and back alleys awaiting its chance to pounce but this chandelier blazing with flames holds it off each thought of hopelessness destroyed by the light practicality and poetry a heady mix stealing breath simmering warmth and burning off these obsidian icicles