Butterfly Privilege

This is a wasp (Vespula vulgaris): Wasps can sting. What do you usually do if you see one? Run away? Swat at it with a rolled up magazine? Panic? But what are the chances of the wasp actually stinging you? Quite low, unless it perceives you as a threat. But still, many of us areContinue reading “Butterfly Privilege”

Easter Photo Marathon

Over the long Easter weekend, I took part in a local photo marathon: Ffoto Marathon Pasg (that’s Easter Photo Marathon in Welsh). As we’re all on lock-down, the idea was to take photos on various topics while staying at home. On each of the days of the 4-day weekend, a new topic was given outContinue reading “Easter Photo Marathon”

When is a Wasp not a Wasp?

A bit of a discussion ensued the other day when I was looking at my photos and was about to label a Common Wasp, when it turned out that it might not be a Common Wasp but a Tree Wasp. Often with wasps, the tendency is to run away and not spend time thinking aboutContinue reading “When is a Wasp not a Wasp?”


Despite the wind, I had a potter round the garden and took a few photos. The Ivy is a hive of activity with many flies, and a lot of wasps all busily clambering about. Wasps make me a little nervous but these ones were so busy they barely noticed me so I risked a fewContinue reading “Waspiness”

Ruby-Tailed Wasp

Earlier this month this little guy came to visit. I just realised I hadn’t blogged him. He was a very small and very colourful wasp – a Ruby-Tailed Wasp. We discovered him on the kitchen window – hence the weird reflections in the double glazing. The following day there were 2 of them on theContinue reading “Ruby-Tailed Wasp”