Rescue Weevil

A few days back, my daughter found a weevil in the bathroom. Poor thing was quite confused. I think it may have got blown off course while flying past. We took him outside to warm up in the sunshine and he very much enjoyed running around on her hand before we put him onto a…… Continue reading Rescue Weevil

Tiny Weevil – Euophryum confine

I was just about to blog a flower from a while back, but when I popped outside for a moment I noticed a really tiny weevil sat on the chair, so of course I had to take a photo or two! He’s much smaller than that Large Pine Weevil from the other day – this…… Continue reading Tiny Weevil – Euophryum confine

Figwort Weevil

Today we spotted this weevil in the garden, on the buddleia. We were having a poke around looking for insects or bugs and nearly overlooked this weevil as he’s really small and from a quick glance you’d think he was just a little bit of dirt. It was only when I looked closer I realised…… Continue reading Figwort Weevil