Stormy Tears

The weather is atrocious as I’m sure you know if you are in the UK. It’s not really ideal for macro photos as even when the rain stops it’s too windy! I sneaked out for five minutes today to try and get some shots of droplets on leaves. There was too much wind and notContinue reading “Stormy Tears”

Morning Raindrops

We had some rain yesterday and overnight after a long dry period. The plants were crying out for it and so was I if I’m honest – the heat has been too much for me. This morning the sun was shining and the garden was covered in droplets so we had to pop out andContinue reading “Morning Raindrops”

Macro Droplet Heaven

There hasn’t been a lot of macro going on here lately has there? Although I have been using the macro lens for various wildlife instead! But today I bring you some macro shots I took in Bournemouth before I got so excited about the squirrels, ducks, gulls and pigeons 🙂 It was a damp morning,Continue reading “Macro Droplet Heaven”

More Rose Droplets

All the roses looked good with droplets. These are photos of the peachy rose and yellow rose with droplets. When I took shots of the yellow rose, some of the droplets came out really sparkly like they were little diamonds. Very pretty 🙂