Wet Orange Rose

Another rose in the bunch was an orange one, and again it was less photogenic than others due to some dry brown patches. Just like with the red ones though, it looks nice with droplets and getting in close. The 2nd and 3rd photos are almost the same with just a change in focus -…… Continue reading Wet Orange Rose

Purply Wet

Crocuses hiding in the shade seem to have avoided being squished by the snow on Saturday, and these purply ones were still fresh and full of life. The other little purple flowers are unidentified but I thought they’d go nicely with the crocuses 🙂

Green Tree

It may be the middle of winter but some trees are still very green, though not from leaves. This one at the bottom of my parents’ garden is covered in lichen and moss which makes it very interesting to photograph. Well, interesting to me anyway, as I like that kind of thing! 🙂 All these…… Continue reading Green Tree

Snail Trails

One damp morning back in August I got up early to walk alone with my camera in a park. It was quiet and beautiful and there were snails everywhere enjoying the wet. These are a few of my favourite shots from that day.