Droplets on Catkins

Admittedly these may not be the obvious things that spring to mind for most people when thinking about the topic of ‘a good match’, but as I glanced through recent photos these leapt out at me. At this time of year, if there is sunshine after the rain, there’s a good chance of capturing someContinue reading “Droplets on Catkins”

Freshly Emerged

From behind the furry covering, the fresh yellow stamens are now appearing on the Willow catkins. They’re clean and new and fresh. Some are all the way out now, and others just peeking. They looked lovely in the sunshine yesterday morning 🙂  In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Fresh.”

All sorts of life on one little Willow

I decided to have a wander in the garden and see what I could see. I was looking on the little Willow tree to see if there were any insects, and I was surprised to find loads! It’s a cloudy rainy day, so I used my flash to capture the various insects. I’ve labelled themContinue reading “All sorts of life on one little Willow”

Early spring?

The weather continues to be rather changeable and not entirely wintry. I’m not really complaining, although I wish we had a few more dry days. Thankfully there have been no more storms, although there has been some gusty wind and rain. It is quite chilly but nothing like last winter when we were in theContinue reading “Early spring?”

Pottering in the Garden

I managed to finish work a little early today so had a quick look around the garden to see what was going on… I was pleased to see that my little Lavender bush is flowering and had a bee visiting: The Buff-Tip Moth caterpillars have grown loads since the last time I photographed them: AndContinue reading “Pottering in the Garden”