Gusty winds moving in from the south west

I have a day off today and I decided I had to go outside no matter what! Luckily it was not raining, but there was quite a gusty wind and this made life a little difficult. When you do close-up shots even a small breeze can be a pain as the movement is magnified. The…… Continue reading Gusty winds moving in from the south west


when the rain is battering the window when the wind is whistling round the door I’ll think I’ll just sit here in dressing gown and slippers and stay snuggled in the warm

Wet Again

Just a quick note to say I’m glad we decided to go out on Friday afternoon. Today it’s turned back to windy and wet weather so I won’t be venturing out. I hope this weather doesn’t stick around too long this time!


Just a very quick note to say that the winds have lessened and power has come back on after many hours … and I saw my first daffodil flowers today! Things are looking up 🙂


Another weather update for you! Yesterday it was snow, and today it’s strong winds. I knew there was windy weather forecast but this morning it got upgraded to a red alert from about lunch time to 9pm tonight. Red alerts are the highest weather alerts that the Met Office give out, and it says that…… Continue reading Wind!


I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get out this weekend. It’s awful weather. Pouring with rain all day so far and very windy again. Unless it vastly improves tomorrow I won’t be venturing out to check on the spring flowers I’m afraid. I’m getting a bit tired of all this wind…… Continue reading Apologies

the roof stayed on

wind’s getting up again he mutters all over the telly it is trees down power out everybody panic like it’s something new you’d think it never blew before he kneels, with a gentle sigh these young ‘uns are soft act like electricity’s their right and this new-fangled internet-whatsit moaning when they can’t update their face-block…… Continue reading the roof stayed on

Indoor Bird Watching

The weather continues in much the same vein – windy, wet and generally horrible 😦 Tomorrow I must go back to work after the Christmas break and so today I’d hoped for a last minute chance to get out for a walk but no such luck. Yesterday I attempted some bird watching from the living…… Continue reading Indoor Bird Watching

Cloud & Wind Time-Lapse

I’m not at work today so I decided to do some more experimenting with time-lapse. This time it was daylight which is helpful, and I had some cloud moving across the sky which makes it a whole lot more interesting. I actually did this through the living room window, which means there are a few…… Continue reading Cloud & Wind Time-Lapse

Stormy Tears

The weather is atrocious as I’m sure you know if you are in the UK. It’s not really ideal for macro photos as even when the rain stops it’s too windy! I sneaked out for five minutes today to try and get some shots of droplets on leaves. There was too much wind and not…… Continue reading Stormy Tears