Questing for Wings in Bournemouth

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

I realised I never finished posting my photos from our visit to Bournemouth last month, and this set fit will with this week’s Photo Challenge: Quest. While walking around Compton Acres, and Bournemouth Gardens I was always on a quest for something interesting to photograph. As you’ll know I did take a lot of photos…… Continue reading Questing for Wings in Bournemouth

Canada Geese Fly Past

Apart from the damselflies, another thing we saw a lot of at Ynys Hir on Saturday was Canada Geese. There didn’t seem to be any other sorts of geese around, but there were plenty of these ones. They seem to honk a lot as they fly over, so we had a bit of warning of…… Continue reading Canada Geese Fly Past

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Pattern and I was pondering if I had any photos that showed any interesting patterns when I came across this insect that I took a photograph of the other day and haven’t blogged yet. I remember when I was taking this shot, the sunshine hit its wings and…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern


I got a few shots of wings at the weekend – mostly birds in flight but also one which was in the middle of flapping its wings while on the ground. There’s a couple of Herring Gulls, some Shelducks and Canada Geese. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Shelduck before so I was quite…… Continue reading Wings