unravelling the frozen trails
unwrapping the misty shreds of cold
that weigh down our limbs
and our souls

gradually waking
from the heavy sleep of winter

we are breaking out
pushing through the darkness
into the light
knowing that days will be
brighter, warmer, fuller
and all will be well

this too shall pass


Winter colour

The frost was not so pretty today and the light was not the best so I looked for other things to photograph. I was drawn to some splashes of colour in the garden on the trees. One tree is covered in lichen – some of it a surprisingly bright green – and another tree (sadly deceased) is sporting a couple of different types of bracket fungi – one bright orange and the other a little more subtle. It’s surprising what colours you can find if you look, even though there are very few flowers around.





time takes
a brisk walk
I skip and hop
to keep up
puffing cloud breaths
in cold winter air
just yesterday
spring arrived
minutes passed
in summer
now festivities
my desire
to pause
like a raindrop
poised on a leaf edge
as time
slows to treacle
to sit
and in sitting
be at peace

Late Bloom

I took this photo a few days ago in a sunny spell. When I get home from work it’s dark so there’s no chance of photography, so I amuse myself by looking at previous photos and seeing what I can do with them. This is my lavender which after recovering from being smothered in a wild flower bed, is now blooming in November. I doubt that this lovely little flower will get pollinated, and I’m not sure if it will survive the frosts, but at least I’ve been able to enjoy its joyful recovery 🙂