Spring in October

I’ve been through the dying days of autumn
where all was drying, cracking, ending
I’ve been through the silent days of winter
where all was empty, frozen, lonely
This feels like spring despite October
written on the changing leaves
Springtime came, false start at first
with storms and sudden icy blasts of lies
But that early opening set the scene
for truth, emerging buds like crocus flowers
And as the soft earth warms, we stretch our stems
towards each other, seeking light that shines
in glorious newness of our season in the sun


Where did you go?

Where did you go, warm summer days?
Where have you taken your sunshine and flowers?
The air grows colder now, the blossoms fade
The evenings are darker, the light slips away
Life is ending, the pulse of nature thins
Soon the trees will shed leaves and stand bare
And I will look for you there in quiet desperation