heaviness my head feels too large for my neck eyes unfocused staring at nothing silent cotton wool head achy ear dreaming of climbing under duvet and sleeping for days but knowing I can’t and I won’t feeling a draining blanketing gloom like a mist hanging heavy over the river separated from the world it’s there…… Continue reading today


everything waits there is no breeze amber leaves hang motionless a still silent sky painted solid white nothing breathes only numbness cold cold fingers wide open eyes staring at treetops stark silhouettes everything waits to be awakened by your touch

Spring in October

I’ve been through the dying days of autumn where all was drying, cracking, ending I’ve been through the silent days of winter where all was empty, frozen, lonely This feels like spring despite October written on the changing leaves Springtime came, false start at first with storms and sudden icy blasts of lies But that…… Continue reading Spring in October