Calm Seas

calm seas

my words are not lost
but sunk
(not in a bad way)

deep in calm waters
far from churning waves
and strong currents
they rest on the sand
dappled with light
from gentle ripples

they wait

and if the storm comes
if the sea gets rough
they’ll rise in the swell
be there when I need them
to let out some pain

but for now

they wait

for I am with you
and with you
is all
calm seas

for Bruce (of course) and for Trent who misses our words 🙂


lost words

Words can be slippery, watch your step
Words can be slippery, watch your step
A photo I took 4-5 years ago in a town in Dorset of an inscription in the pavement.

lost words

of futility
lost words
stay lost

oh to pour out my soul
but wordless I wait

a hopeless task
seek instead


wanting to write
is not the same
as actually writing

and the longing
to fill the empty page
does not fill it

my mind remains
obstinately blank

all I have is…

how about a nice cup of tea
or maybe a few
and when can we watch
doctor who
and how I’d like
to snuggle with you

and though it rhymes
and represents myself
it’s hardly poetry

just the ramblings
of my mind
far too content
to wail and moan
or grandly talk

just the lovely
of you and me
and quiet days
that pass so soft
and yet so swift

paper chains

I have no
great supply
of metaphors
no lustrous words
all polished
and held ready
I merely need
desire, require
to string my thoughts
in paper chains
and strew them here
when nothing else will do

lost for words

through haze
of tired eyes and mind
a glimpse
a word
a phrase
just tipping on my tongue
then lost
to weary sigh
and closing eye
as busy thoughts
and worries seep
and all my words
are filled with sleep


the words are not gone
I was looking
in the wrong place
they are written
in delicious meals
in bins lined up outside
in pet-care, child-care
loving, kind-care
for me, for us
our home
our time
our space
in every action
you graffiti
words of love
all over every wall
I do not need
love poems
when your words
are in the very air I breathe

distant words

distant words
land softly
on my heart
from another time
and a yearning
a burning need
for words
to come again
but this is just
for I have all
in the now


come words
help me escape
from this paralysis

spill from my fingers
in cascades
of staccato
keyboard taps
from heart
to blinking cursor

flow forth
in rivulets
of feeling
pooling on this screen
and trickling
down the


definitely not a poem

I take a moment
or two
to let my mind wander
let go
of my thoughts
let them drift bubble-like
to sparkle
in imagined sun
wishing to fly
on winged words
drawing sensations
in vivid colour
but my mind is grounded
bogged down
and wreathed in fog
of day-to-day
and the words
sputter and fizzle
’til I give up
and go to bed


reduced to
this screen
cursor flashing

it waits
as I stumble
to put hugs
into words
to spell out
the ease
of a squeeze
and a kiss
to type
my fingers
into your hand

we woo’d
in word only
but words have

all that I want now
is you in the flesh


Note: I am on holiday with family and missing Bruce. I am having fun though and wouldn’t want my family to think I’m miserable! Just missing him in the midst of the fun.

butterfly words




  w           r
       h           a
            i           l        
                 r           and
f l u t t e r
 b u t t e r 
  f l i e s

too fast
 to catch
  and pin 
   on the page

and I am
 too tired
  to give chase ...