2 Hours

This is all the time I have.The rest of my time is stolen away.I am timeless.I am a half-life, half-asleep,blog-posting through a blur of fatigue.My edges are unclear. My face a smear as I slide down the glasslooking out at those with lives.Wondering how they capture timeand make it bend.


we are all sitting in boxes bathed in blueish glows tap tap tap phones ring I am so tired I would lay on this rough carpet curl up foetal eyes closed tight while meerkats peer over monitors and I rest my head with back support as a pillow


long daysthreadedwith painso tiredsquirming for comforta rainbow of pillsneedtoc o n c e n t r a t eand the pangs comepangs of what-is-the-point?why-me?working hardto pay billsfeedmy familybut whendo I get to live


time is rushing and I’m straggling behind running to keep up dropping trails of post-it notes behind me scribbled notes that were important once before their purpose was forgotten the hand-writing indecipherable even to the eye that wrote it please, time have a tea-break and let me catch my breath!