to you

in this life that I live    with its ups and its downs       with its tears and its frowns when I’m often in pain    and feeling so weary       so tired and dreary in this wild head of mine    where the worries swirl round       anxieties abound where golden honey’d glow    can swiftly change its hue       to deepest…… Continue reading to you


and these tired eyes stare blankly at the screen willing words of beauty to emerge but only tumbling thoughts and fumbling weary weight as fingers slip and slide ‘cross keyboard and I wonder is anything left of me when all are done and had their part or just this husk drawn to dust and fading…… Continue reading husk


a heavy chain made of fear and worry wraps tight around my chest making breathing shallow and turning lips to blue solid links of cold hard iron dig into my flesh stifling suffocating holding me down and all I can do is wait head bowed tears welling hanging on to your hand until the chain…… Continue reading Chained