poets in love

words touched words ere fingertips reached across the kismet darkness seen exposed and loved though eyes had not met yet souls entwined with letters scribed on each tangled tendril hearts embraced as stanzas wrapped pulses soothed and tranquil now combined both word and deed love poems penned on skin in our eyes with lover’s gazeContinue reading “poets in love”

mute words

frustrated I become mute incapable of the simplest expression of my thoughts I have nothing that would do justice to this tenderness nothing that would accurately reflect the sensation your words bring me or the tingling on my tongue from your oven-baked poetry in food form or the ripples flowing through me from the dropletsContinue reading “mute words”

Calamine Lotion Potion

I have this need to write like an itch that just won’t stop I keep on scratching with my metaphorical pen but the itch burns on it’s a need, an addiction, a have-to a desperate urge and I’m willing to write nonsense just to assuage it a salve to my soul calming my antsy spiritContinue reading “Calamine Lotion Potion”

The Wonder of Words

These words are in my blood Boiling up from within me unbidden And now they won’t stop Like one of those geysers forever spurting Except mine spurts words instead of water They seethe under my skin I swear you would see them there Like something out of Alien The shape of half formed poems pushingContinue reading “The Wonder of Words”