Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (2)

I went for a lovely little Christmas Eve walk today, and one of the main things that caught my eye was the gorse. It’s one of the few things in flower at the moment and it’s brightening up the village. It’s so nice to have a bit of sunshine today after several days of rainContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (2)”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

When I saw the theme was yellow this week, it seemed perfect! I have more photos from the other day when I was mesmerised by my candle, and there’s definitely a lot of yellow going on… In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”

Evening Primrose

This was one of my better efforts at a nice raindrop photo. This time it contains Evening Primrose flowers. It’s a bit crisper and clearer than the one with my cat in it! The Evening Primroses are amazing – they’ve been flowering continually for months on end! And each time I think surely they’ve runContinue reading “Evening Primrose”

Gardens on Fire

Not really on fire of course, but the colours of these flowers are like fire in the beautifully planted Lower Gardens in Bournemouth. The Upper Gardens are more wild and lovely in a different way but in the Lower Gardens its more formal with neatly planted beds. The colours were looking vibrant a couple ofContinue reading “Gardens on Fire”


At the moment, the buttercups are in full swing, and bringing a lovely sweep of yellow across the fields. For a simple, common flower, they’re actually kind of hard to photograph – the yellow is so bright it can get burnt out. But I have got a few nice shots. Hope you enjoy this splashContinue reading “Buttercups”