Beetle Dreaming

I went for a lunchtime walk today and spotted a lovely Broom bush. It turns out that the flowers, though beautiful, are pretty hard to photograph and most of my shots aren’t very good. But this shot of a tiny beetle on one of the flowers worked well. This has been tweaked a lot inContinue reading “Beetle Dreaming”


This is the first photo of a tulip I’ve taken this year. None have come up in my garden – I’m sure there were some somewhere. I spotted this one on one of our walks round the village. I like this shot, I think it’s quite striking with just the one tulip standing out againstContinue reading “Tulip”

Daffodil Fly

Yesterday while on a walk we were looking out for insects, hoping to get a shot of a bee now that the weather was a little warmer. The only bees we saw flew off quickly so that didn’t really work out but Bruce spotted a fly on a daffodil and I was lucky enough toContinue reading “Daffodil Fly”

More Rose Droplets

All the roses looked good with droplets. These are photos of the peachy rose and yellow rose with droplets. When I took shots of the yellow rose, some of the droplets came out really sparkly like they were little diamonds. Very pretty 🙂