to you

in this life that I live    with its ups and its downs       with its tears and its frowns when I’m often in pain    and feeling so weary       so tired and dreary in this wild head of mine    where the worries swirl round       anxieties abound where golden honey’d glow    can swiftly change its hue       to deepest…… Continue reading to you

don’t bring me roses

just me don’t bring me roses  with their blood red petals   with their gentle fragrance    with their thorny stems     with their soft cool frills I could hold them close   and breath in their scent but I’d rather hold you I could look in wonder   at their perfect beauty but I’d rather look at you I…… Continue reading don’t bring me roses


I wrapped a gag around my face tight muzzled myself, to stop the words trying to hold back the spillage but the words bled out around the edges trickling down my chin, and onto the page blending with my tears of confusion inner battles laid out like exhibits for all to see and peer at…… Continue reading Ungagged


Do I seem cold? Only because you froze me Do I seem heartless? Only because you ripped out my heart

Wide Awake

asleep and dreaming in a bubble with you we let reality slip away awake now and seeing it wasn’t really real just the sweetest dream but the dreaming changed me as I awoke, rediscovered parts woke with me the future blinds me with its possibilities eyes wide open

My Mind

my mind is a complicated place full of thoughts jostling against eachother bumping around like bumper cars moving in unexpected directions first I think of you then I think of him then I think of things like cups of tea and perhaps I should empty the bin